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Stepping away from corporate burnout

The aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly reshaped the dynamics of mental health within the corporate world.

With burnout being the driving force behind what we now know as the Great Resignation, the topic of mental health and wellbeing has been brought to the forefront of workplace discussions.

But with the world being more reliant on technology than ever before, around the clock access to work means that our working environment is no longer merely an office that we can walk in and out of. The line where work ends and our personal lives begin has blurred, highlighting the importance of knowing how to draw effective boundaries in order to nurture a healthy work life balance.

So, what personal actions can we all take to prevent corporate burnout whilst still maintaining efficiency at the workplace?

Firstly, developing a sense of self-awareness is essential. We all operate in different ways, so paying attention to how stress arises  is key. This also includes being aware of the best ways to unwind when we’re feeling worn – what can help us shake off the day, to feel rejuvenated?

Secondly, knowing how to communicate our needs with peers and managers is a key part to building trusted working relationships. For example, companies have embraced flexibility by offering hybrid and remote working options, resulting in individuals having more control over their work surroundings. Remember that your team leaders and managers are there to help you, so communicating your needs with them could be a rewarding step towards creating a healthier working environment.

And lastly, learning how to switch off – both the screen and our minds. Establishing healthy practices such as not checking work emails when we’re off the clock and using our leisure time to do the things we love are great ways to recharge the batteries. Regardless of our role or seniority, we need to allow ourselves time to rest accordingly and reenergise to excel at work.

Unfortunately, we can’t control the current climate, its influence on a business succeeding, and how it has meant a lot of people are now having to work twice as hard with little extra reward. But the good news is that by being self-aware of how our external environment can impact us, together we can all take steps towards avoiding corporate burnout in order to flourish in the workplace and reach our full potential.

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