Diversity, equity & inclusion

Excellence can be found anywhere. We're dedicated to providing equitable workplaces for everyone. From our internal team to our external processes, we champion diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in everything we do.

Building diversity
from within

Our commitment to DE&I starts with our people.

We work to create an environment where everyone is welcome and supported. We live by our example and extend this beyond our teams to our partnerships with clients, candidates, and the industry.

We reinforce our values in our daily work life and act as an ambassador for the recruitment industry. We champion individuality and provide our consultants with regular training on DE&I practices to continue delivering impartial, fair, and inclusive advice. By building DE&I into our clients' search and hiring strategies and working with organisations through our Classroom to Boardroom Foundation, we ensure all candidates have equity of access to roles and the opportunity to excel in their future careers.

Why encourage

Innovation and performance

Different types of people offer different skills. A diverse team brings a broader range of experiences and perspectives, which is a key driver for innovation, engagement and performance. Employee diversity can enhance market reach, employee engagement and customer satisfaction.


Creating an inclusive culture leads to higher employee satisfaction and retention, which are vital for long-term sustainability. A diverse workplace has broader viewpoints, meaning it can adapt better to economic, social, and cultural changes.

Bias mitigation

A diverse team can foster a more aware and inclusive office environment. Promoting equality helps create a fair workplace, counteract unconscious bias, and ensure all candidates have equal opportunities, regardless of their background.

Investing in the future

Future success requires forward-thinking leaders. Companies that promote diversity attract younger generations and creative mindsets. And teams that can adapt to the times will successfully navigate the business landscape for years to come.


The socioeconomic environment you grew up in should not determine your personal or professional success. Our Classroom to Boardroom Foundation is creating a future where this is a reality.

Early Careers recruitment is in the DNA of specialists which is what makes our Foundation so unique, and impactful. We know how to create successful hiring processes and have a substantial track record working with student talent, schools, and leading universities.

We create and run skills workshops and partner with forward-thinking businesses to develop work experience, internship placements, and apprenticeship programmes. Always with a student's potential and career capability front of mind. We help our students develop their employability skills and connect them with our global network of clients.


We work with businesses to develop and manage apprenticeship programmes utilising the Apprenticeship Levy. Creating opportunities to access the world of work without the barrier of student debt or a lack of sponsorship.


Partnering with our clients, we offer internships across the UK and Europe to provide essential firsthand experience in a variety of financial professions. We match students to their preferred industry through an application and interview process.

Workshops and insight days

We run full or half-day workshops, focusing on developing transferable skills and university and job application support. We introduce students to professional careers through panels and roundtables with our partnering firms.

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