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Every young person deserves to be successful in the future, both personally and professionally.

It sounds obvious. But we still live in a time when not every young person has an equal opportunity for employment. This is why we started our Classroom to Boardroom Foundation: to provide students with equal access to education opportunities and brilliant careers, regardless of their economic background.

Today, over 2 million young people in Britain live in poverty. This has a significant impact on their education experience from an early age, making them less likely to go to university and access jobs that will improve their life. The Foundation’s mission is to level the playing field and provide the skills, education, and professional opportunities needed to help students from underprivileged environments succeed in exceptional careers.

We proudly partner with outstanding students, visionary school leaders, and our dedicated group of partnering firms. As the Foundation grows, we are privileged to see how it’s driving success.


Who we work with


We're dedicated to making education and careers more accessible than ever before.

Whether in-person or virtual, we offer learning opportunities, work experience, and practical key skills development sessions to help students thrive. 

We encourage students to explore careers they never thought possible (or never even knew existed) to discover their full potential.


We partner with education leaders and teachers to build trusted relationships and create impactful solutions to solve students’ career challenges.

If your school meets any of the below criteria, we'd love to hear from you:

  • High pupil premium and 35% + free school meal eligibility
  • Level 3 or 4 Ofsted rating
  • Those in a deprivation cold spot


We’re championing diversity and inclusivity in business through creating career programmes for young talent.

Our trusted partners offer exceptional professional opportunities across multiple industries. We support companies by connecting them with a diverse student talent pool in preparation for their graduate roles.

We think long-term for the business and provide students with the resources to help them transition to becoming valued members of a team.


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Whether you’re a career-curious student with great ambitions, an inspiring teacher to talented young people, or an innovative organisation wanting to help tackle social inequalities, we can help you.

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