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A unique understanding of the
HR Infrastructure niche

We're the first in the industry to bring our expertise, understanding, and experience together to create HR Infrastructure excellence.

HR Infrastructure comprises specialist centres of excellence within the People team and bridges the gap between Internal People, Reward, Finance, and IT functions. This spans across operations, systems, payroll, benefits, and global mobility mandates.

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We're about more than filling roles; we're setting you up for career-long success. Our approach combines speed and precision, ensuring we meet your strategic objectives and goals without compromise. We use our experience and expert knowledge to deliver a tailored service to your needs.

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We support your growth.

We support your growth. We help our clients achieve strategic objectives through transformation, whether it's enhancing processes or upgrading systems.

We deliver pace without compromise.

We operate at the speed of a contingent search whilst maintaining the detail of a retained search.

Search isn’t just about transferable skills, it requires personality.

We recognise the need to understand each candidate's personality and the importance of creating a cultural fit. We tailor our service and approach to suit the needs of each client, role, and company.

Robust HR Infrastructure has a positive impact.

We understand the significance and positive impact having a robust HR Infrastructure solutions has, from a complex multinational business to a series A start-up.


We're more than a recruiter; we're a dedicated partner. We work with you as an extension of your team to boost your growth and celebrate your success.

We can help transform your operations. We empower our clients to streamline and automate fragmented internal processes while optimising and harmonising global legacy systems.

What makes
us different?

The HR landscape is rapidly changing and developing a supportive Infrastructure is often overlooked. We are the first changemakers to recognise this evolution and have built a team to focus on supporting this evolution.

There is more demand and a critical necessity for a dedicated HR Infrastructure team. We answer that demand.

We curate specialist events and forums, pioneering virtual roundtable networking groups for this niche function in HR. We provide the platform for knowledge-sharing and deepening market insights, helping to connect professionals across industries.

Examples of our roles in HR Infrastructure

  • HR Operations Specialist
  • HR Operations Director
  • HR Systems Manager
  • Head of Global Mobility
  • Payroll Advisor
  • Payroll Director

HR Operations Specialist

Manages daily HR functions using state-of-the-art HRIS platforms such as Workday, SAP, PeopleSoft, HiBob, Bamboo, and Select HR.

HR Operations Director

Sets the strategic direction and oversees the efficient execution of HR operations, leveraging advanced HRIS technologies.

HR Systems Manager

Responsible for the effective management and maintenance of HR systems, ensuring optimal functionality and integration of platforms.

Head of Global Mobility

Leads the global mobility function and provides strategic direction and expert advice on international assignments, immigration, and compliance matters.

Payroll Advisor

Offers expert guidance and support on payroll processes and compliance issues and utilises sophisticated software solutions.

Payroll Director

Oversees all aspects of payroll operations, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and compliance using advanced payroll software.

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